Pediatrician Job Description – What is a Pediatrician?


Pediatrician Job Description: Exhaustive But Very Lucrative

The medical care of adolescents, children, and infants is within the scope of the Pediatrician Job Description. The duties of a pediatrician, who is often a primary care physician, revolve around the diagnosis and treatment of various ailments common to this age bracket.


Minor injuries and mild infectious diseases are among the most common day-to-day medical conditions that pediatricians treat. They also carry out standard immunization procedures to children.


In addition to the outright diagnosis and treatment of common diseases, pediatricians also have the duty of monitoring and analyzing the health status of their patients who physiologically develop rapidly at the younger age. Physical growth and mental development are carefully tracked by the pediatrician with the help of nurses and other health care workers.


When the illness cannot be treated the scope of pediatrics, the primary care physician also has the duty of referring reliable and advanced health care specialists and facilities. Medical histories of their patients are then forwarded to help in the formulation of advanced treatments.


Most of the time, young patients are accompanied by their guardians who could understand more easily the medical situation. Hence, part of the pediatrician job description is to let accompanying guardians understand the diagnosis and then provide counselling. Patients as well who are old enough to understand are likewise counselled so as to help in developing a healthy outpatient status.


How to become a pediatrician?

Becoming a pediatrician just like other specialized medical degree programs requires a doctor of medicine degree. After which, those who aspire of becoming a pediatrician must complete an internship or residency stint in a pediatric ward of a health care facility.


Having completed the residency requirement, a national exam is then taken so as to acquire the certification necessary to practice the pediatrician position. Passing the national exam implies that the physician has gathered enough knowledge and skills to practice pediatrics. To practice legally the work as a pediatrician, a license is finally applied for in the particular state of interest.


How much do pediatricians make?

Based on the pediatrician job description, the duties and responsibilities for this position can be exhaustive. Hence, working as a pediatrician is also a lucrative position in terms of compensation. According to the United States Bureau of Labor and Statistics, pediatricians are the highest earners on average among other medical occupations.


Median salary for pediatricians amount to $170,000; hourly median wage is estimated to be $80. These figures are based on practitioners who work in a typical hospital or health care facility. Those who perform private practice and manage reputable clinics even earn significantly more especially in populous areas, roughly earning double than that of ordinary pediatricians.


Pediatrician Job Description can be daunting especially to those who do not have the passion to become one. Becoming a pediatrician requires broad knowledge on illnesses and treatments of infants, adolescents, and children. More than the physiological treatment, the pediatrician must also be able to counsel parents or guardians of the patients. Along with these exhaustive duties, nonetheless, the rewards are also very fulfilling. – Find hundreds of online applications and printable job forms.


What Is a Pediatrician?

What is a pediatrician? Many people are fond of asking this question. Well, there are several answers to it. This article provides one with the necessary insight as pertains to that question. A pediatrician is a professional who has specialized in pediatrics.


Pediatrics is a field of medicine that deals with the care of children and infants. It is a very sensitive field and requires very highly trained personnel. This is because treating children is not as straight forward as treating adults. Much more effort is required on the part of the professional.



Apart from undergoing the normal training that doctors do, pediatricians are required to take extra courses. Some of them include child psychology. This enables them to know how to handle small kids. In order to effectively treat a child, the pediatrician has to make him or her feel at ease. Unless the child is at ease, treatment cannot be administered effectively. In order to achieve this, the pediatrician has to know how to deal with kids. That is a skill he or she gets from the extra course in child psychology.



It is the pediatrician’s job to examine a baby immediately after it is born. This is a very important procedure that is done within 48 hours of child birth. This medical exam enables the doctor to know whether the kid is healthy or not. If there are any complications, the pediatrician handles it before the parents leave the hospital.


Infants have to go for regular medical checkups. This enables the medical practitioners to monitor their physical and mental health as they grow. Moreover, pediatricians are able to identify problems with the kids’ development and give the necessary treatment early, before the condition worsens.


Immunization is also part of the pediatrician job description. Normally, kids have low immunity and require vaccinations in order to develop a strong immune system. The professionals plan when the children are going to be immunized. In addition to this, they ensure that the infant’s weight, height and circumference are measured. This provides the necessary statistics that enable the pediatricians to know how babies are developing.



So, that answers the question, what is a pediatrician? Apart from treating and monitoring the growth of children, they also offer advice on how to take care of children. This guarantees that the parents apply effective care to the kids enabling them to grow with no complications.